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There is no other place as romantic as these islands of Andaman lying at the end of the world between the infinite horizon of the deep blue sky and the warm crystal-clear waters of the tropical ocean. Away from the hectic pace of smoggy cities, caressed by the trade winds that rustle the palm trees and rocked by the incessant rhythm of the waves these islands of love are the Gardens of Delights tasted by the first lovers on earth. Holidays in the Andaman are all about doing as little as possible. But doing it in style… these stunning islands are the perfect getaway. Home to the most colourful marine-life and corals, it follows that scuba-diving and snorkelling are popular past-times here. If you had to choose somewhere to be cast away, it would have to be the Andaman Islands. Apart from that, it's just tropical coconut palms, bone-white sands and luminous turquoise waters and you, of course absolute paradise on earth.

Andaman Islands is a favourite haunt for tourists who are looking for some peace and quiet in their coastal vacations. It's abundant, lush greenery and warm hospitality pull visitors in large numbers year round. If you are planning to spend your coastal vacations on this island paradise, get going now. Our wide network with a large number of resorts and travel agents ensures the best deals for those who'd are seeking a vacation.

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